Melbourne Mum takes on Google Reviews with new app aimed to boost SMBs, through positive-only reviews

Melbourne Mum takes on Google Reviews with new app aimed to boost SMBs, through positive-only reviews

A new app that gives you access to all of your friends’ favourite places to go has officially launched.

Suggesterfy is an innovative new social discovery mobile app that has been designed to simplify decision-making and enhance the way users discover trusted recommendations within their trusted network. With a mission to promote positivity and help users make informed choices, Suggesterfy aims to be the go-to platform for personalised suggestions in today’s overwhelming digital age.


Founded by Melbourne-based mum of three Deanna Bugalski (pictured), her inspiration for Suggesterfy came during the challenging period of repetitive lockdowns in 2020. After struggling to find advice and recommendations of things to do and places to see with her family, Deanna had the idea to create a platform that allows anyone to find trustworthy advice within their circle of friends.

With Deanna’s background in retail and the beauty industry, and her keen interest in business, Suggesterfy was borne out of passion, with her core mission being empowering people to share positive suggestions and recommendations with their trusted networks.

“In a world of information overload, finding reliable and personalised recommendations can be a challenging task. There is an abundance of choices for products, services, travel destinations and entertainment that we found to be completely overwhelming, especially when catering to a family of five,” said Suggesterfy Founder Deanna Bugalski.

“We wanted to do something about that, so Suggesterfy was born. The app tailors recommendations to each user’s interests and preferences, ensuring that they discover options that align with their unique tastes and needs. With features like the ability to post questions, search through hashtags, and explore a map of social proof, it’s now easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for, rather than having to use a search engine and trawl through several articles.”

The app also tackles the problem with the way online reviews are currently shared, by instead only sharing positive advice and recommendations amongst peers.

“The way reviews about businesses currently work is extremely flawed. There are thousands of social media groups that exist solely for people to be hired to write good reviews about businesses, or to help remove negative reviews and comments,” said Deanna.

“I wanted to make sure small businesses are supported and showcased through Suggesterfy. These businesses rely on positive, word of mouth referrals and promotions and I wanted to make sure the app helped support these local businesses and in turn, communities.

“So in a world that can often be filled with negativity, Suggesterfy is instead spreading positive advice. We believe that sharing positive experiences and recommendations can uplift individuals and foster a supportive online community.”

Suggesterfy allows users to connect with their trusted network of friends, family, or experts, creating a platform where valuable recommendations can be accessed in one place. Through the collective wisdom of these connections, users can benefit from their experiences, insights, and preferences, making the decision-making process more informed and tailored to individual interests. By focusing on leveraging personal connections and word-of-mouth recommendations, the app seeks to make the social discovery process efficient, relevant, and trustworthy.

Suggesterfy is now available for download on both iOS and Android devices.