Startup-focused technology framework Baseline launches with $1.6m early access program

Startup-focused technology framework Baseline launches with $1.6m early access program

A new serverless-first framework designed specifically for startups has launched to help early-stage businesses better approach technology development and reduce the barrier to entry and bring ideas to life faster.

Baseline’s official launch comes after operating in stealth mode, where it provided both mentorship and a scalable technology foundation for breakout Australian startups such as Australia’s #1 Childcare Staffing App Z Recruitment, #1 Health and Fitness App in Australia and USA Sarah’s Day, and high growth hospitality mobile ordering and payment system ClevaQ.

Baseline is today launching a groundbreaking 6-month early access program, promising to help expedite start-ups from the concept stage to Minimum Viable Product and enabling them to enter the market with impact.

The exclusive early access program will inject some $1.6 million worth of value into the start-up ecosystem, with each individual participant receiving $32,000 of mentorship and technical support from the Baseline team.

Built on first-hand understanding of the challenges that startups face, Baseline is committed to redefining the start-up journey for founders and entrepreneurs. With hands-on experience in navigating the complexities of building digital products, Baseline is poised to empower teams like never before.

Baseline Founder and Managing Director Ken Kencevski said, “Through my personal experience building Devika, I have seen how hard it is to build digital products, and Baseline is here to make the process easier and faster. By providing a robust technology framework, we empower startups from day one by accelerating their product build, compressing the go-to-market timeframe, mitigating technical risks, and alleviating the complexities that often stifle progress. Baseline isn’t just a framework; it’s an ecosystem aimed at enabling technology-focused founders to do more with less.”

He continued, “Our mission is simple yet impactful: to lower the barriers that hinder startup success. By offering a technology framework from day one, we empower startups to focus on what they do best — innovate. With Baseline, we’re not just building products; we’re cultivating an ecosystem where speed, scalability, and simplicity converge.”

Thomas Nixon, Technical Co-Founder of Baseline, added, “Our mission is to enable the startup founders of today to build technology for tomorrow. Both Ken and I have run the gauntlet that startup founders face. We have both seen innovative ideas stumble thanks to technical hurdles, or a simple flaw in the way a business monetises its customers. Baseline is the service that Ken and I wished we had available to us when we started out, and a beacon of hope for startups.”

Baseline’s Approach: Speed, Scalability, and Simplicity

Baseline’s philosophy is grounded in the belief that speed and adaptability are crucial for success. The company has created a TypeScript cloud-native framework, similar to Ruby on Rails but without Ruby, which is loved by developers and fueled by their experience in building and launching over 50 applications.

The Baseline early access program: Fueling Startup Success

The Baseline early access program offers a unique opportunity for startups to kickstart their journey toward success. The program includes a Baseline license and hypercare support to help startups get up and running. With only 50 participant spots available, the program injects $1.6 million worth of value into the startup ecosystem.

Ideal participants for the Baseline early access program are early-stage startups building web apps. Ideal participants should find themselves in the early stages of development, armed with designs and a clear MVP to build towards, and already utilising or open to using AWS. A technical team member, especially well-versed in TypeScript, React, or NodeJS, is highly preferred. The program is ideally suited for startups focused on a single country for their customer base, such as the US or Australia.

Join Baseline in Pioneering the Startup Landscape

As part of the program, Baseline is actively inviting participants who face common pain points in their startup journey. These challenges include complex infrastructure setup, lack of serverless expertise, development tooling overhead, authentication, and security challenges, scalability concerns, initial MVP development delays, uncertainty in technology choices, maintenance and updates overhead, lack of documentation and support, trouble balancing complexity and extensibility, struggling start modernisation efforts, expensive application hosting, and the need to move beyond black box, low code, or no code solutions.

Baseline’s Recognition and Track Record

The Baseline team originates from Devika, an emerging technology services company with a remarkable track record of building and launching a new digital product every 6 weeks. Baseline first started as the internal framework developed and refined by Devika to be able to quickly scale digital products – an approach still actively employed today. Devika has gained recognition for its contributions to the startup ecosystem, AWS, and Stripe Partnership, and for being featured as one of Westpac’s ‘200 Businesses of Tomorrow’ and has secured a coveted spot on the AFR Fast 100 – Fast Starters list. Devika has also earned acclaim from Deloitte in its Technology Fast 500 rankings.

“With Baseline, startups can take advantage of cutting-edge technology without the complexity and cost typically associated with it. We’re excited to empower startups to scale their businesses and innovate faster than ever before,” said Kencevski.