ConversionCow launches to streamline SMB sales efficiency

ConversionCow launches to streamline SMB sales efficiency

A dynamic new MarTech SaaS software company called ConversionCow has hit the market with the mission of helping small businesses deliver more enhanced sales messaging to customers, with the conversion rates to show for it.

ConversionCow is a low-cost yet high-volume solution that acts as a smart salesperson entirely customisable to how and when customers interact with a website by utilising unique slide outs that display social proofs and calls to action.

ConversionCow founder Irwin Hau, known colloquially as the website whisperer, said his 14-plus years as a digital agency founder of Chromatix Web Design inspired him to create his own product that would make marketing spending more meaningful for SMB owners.

“So many SMBs don’t have the sales basics that tell customers the ‘who, what, why and how’ clearly and quickly on their website, which means their marketing efforts don’t convert. It’s like pouring water into a leaky bucket,” Irwin said.

“That’s where ConversionCow comes in. It facilitates crystal clear web communication that can be personalised so that each customer has a tailored sales pitch to fit their precise needs.

“It’s coding-free and easy to use, so for as little as the price of a coffee a day, ConversionCow can make every marketing dollar go further, which can really help SMBs get a leg up.”

Irwin first came up with ConversionCow as a tool to help his own business, but soon realised it was a scalable product that had significant demand. It quickly grew from a personal project to a business with a goal of helping one million businesses leverage web sales tactics.

Coming from an entrepreneurial background himself, Irwin spearheaded digital agency Chromatix Web Design, with a professional background at industry giants Clemenger and GYPR. Fuelled by a genuine passion for assisting businesses, Irwin is committed to cutting through the clutter to deliver clear and undisputed results for enterprises.

The software works for any website and category, and has a range of implementable features that suit beginners and seasoned marketing professionals alike.