New Gold Coast startup bobi breathes new life into stress and anxiety management

New Gold Coast startup bobi breathes new life into stress and anxiety management

bobi, a groundbreaking new product designed to help people to manage stress and anxiety by the learning and adoption of proper breathing techniques, has officially launched and earned a prestigious Gold Award at the Australian Good Design Awards.

Developed by renowned psychologist and war crimes investigator Damien Thomas, bobi represents a significant leap forward in the management of stress and anxiety in Australia. It is an innovative tool meticulously designed to optimise breathing techniques, serving as a foundational pillar for enhancing health and wellbeing. Its patented and awarded design stands out as a unique solution that redefines the importance of conscious breathing in fostering mental and physical health.

The Gold Coast’s Damien Thomas has been the driving force behind bobi, ensuring its effectiveness in promoting optimal breathing. A psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working in the field of national security and war crimes investigations where stress and anxiety were inseparable from his work environment. Damien has spent years working in high-risk countries.

When regulating his own emotional state became part and parcel of his job, Damien discovered the benefits of breathing in the correct manner and carried his experiences in the field into his practice as a psychologist. He observed how correct breathing techniques could become part of everyone’s ability to deal with stress and anxiety. However, many individuals struggle to adopt the habit of practicing these breathing exercises regularly once they’ve learnt the correct technique. This is especially pronounced in peak moments of stress and anxiety.

Fast forward to 2023 and Damien is now the founder of bobi – a simple, durable, patented device to coach its users in a preferred breathing practice. bobi was conceived to address this challenge by providing a tangible, portable solution that physically synchronises breathing with the device.

“Different chapters of my life have placed me in high-stress environments where managing emotions was a necessity, and that is what gave me the foundational knowledge of creating a product like bobi,” said Thomas.

“Today, as the founder of bobi, I am proud to have developed a device that will support people in managing their stress and anxiety. Winning a Gold Award at the Australian Good Design Awards is just a testament to the hard work and innovation my team and I have put into this product. It is my hope that bobi will become a trusted companion on the journey to improved well-being for individuals from all walks of life.”

bobi is set to revolutionise the way people manage stress and anxiety by making optimal breathing a tangible and enjoyable practice. Its recognition with a Gold Award at the Australian Good Design Awards underscores its groundbreaking contribution to the field of health and wellness.