HR tech startup Outstaffer unveils its new SaaS platform

HR tech startup Outstaffer unveils its new SaaS platform

Outstaffer, a leading HR tech company, launches its new SaaS Global Workforce Platform today. The platform is designed to help solve the global talent crunch.

By 2030, in many countries, including Australia, Canada, and the United States, the demand for skilled workers will outstrip supply, resulting in a global shortage of more than 80 million people – even though there are talented candidates across the world. However, companies are restricted on who they can hire by national borders or middlemen (such as outsourcers or agencies).

Outstaffer’s SaaS Global Workforce Platform makes it amazingly simple for companies to find and compliantly hire, equip and pay talented employees around the world in just a couple of clicks. From finding top talent globally to hiring, onboarding, and paying employees abroad without setting up a local legal entity – the platform handles it all, including HR compliance and safeguarding IP and sensitive data with industry-leading security and privacy protection.

While Outstaffer has provided EOR and global hiring solutions since 2020, the new software expands its covered countries and streamlines everything in one easy-to-use SaaS platform, enabling its customers to:

  • Find Global Talent – Supported by Outstaffer AI, automated technology, and a global talent pool of more than 800 million candidates, companies can submit job requisitions, and Outstaffer will find and match the best talent for the job.
  • Embrace Borderless Hiring – Eliminate hiring borders and middlemen forever. With Outstaffer’s Global Workforce Platform, companies can quickly hire and onboard employees worldwide compliantly without setting up a legal entity or using an outsourcer.
  • Equip Hires – Outstaffer provides managed devices and IT service and handles the supply, configuration, logistics, device management, security and 24/7 end-user support.
  • Pay global employees – Companies can enjoy fully compliant global payroll backed by ADP, combining payroll runs, taxes and statutory benefits with local payroll support in one unified solution.
  • Provide benefits – Companies can also access pre-created local and global benefits packages to maintain compliance and competitiveness in the local employment market.

On the new platform, Outstaffer’s Founder and CEO Thomas Derum said, “Hiring should be based on talent, not location. The Outstaffer platform eliminates national borders and middlemen so companies can find, hire, equip and pay the best employees no matter where those people are located. I am excited for how our platform will help us advance our vision of enabling every business to hire from everywhere and every person on the planet to work from anywhere.”