SpendConsole puts you back in control of your suppliers, their invoices and payments in one convenient platform that integrates with all leading ERP systems. The platform offers a dedicated solution to the challenges of handling diverse suppliers, their varied invoice submission methods and the complexity of their payments.

Through the increasing use of innovative AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies over the past three years, SpendConsole automatically processes invoices received through all major channels. This includes the increasingly popular PEPPOL international standard for the exchange of eProcurement transactions. By extracting relevant details and processing invoices automatically, SpendConsole enables AP teams to focus on exceptions, reducing backlogs and enhancing efficiency.

Furthermore, in the face of rising AP fraud and the sophistication of fraudsters leveraging AI tools, SpendConsole acts as a silent watchdog. Its advanced AI capability is designed to identify exceptions and mitigate fraud risks.

With the approval of Tax offices in Australia and New Zealand, it also ensures automated tax compliance alongside vigilant oversight. Finally, its ISO 27001 certification underscores SpendConsole’s commitment to managing information security risks.

In summary, SpendConsole is a comprehensive, AI-powered solution for efficient, secure, and compliant accounts payable management. It not only automates and optimises invoice processing but also strengthens defences against AP fraud, ensuring that organisations can focus on strategic activities with the confidence of a robust, compliant, and efficient AP operation in place.