PressPay are on a mission to help Australians improve their financial wellness, which they do by creating solutions for important financial moments.

PressPay understand that everyday Australians are finding it harder to make ends meet and it’s not getting any easier with the cost of living pressures.

PressPay Advance was first launched to disrupt the archaic cycles of weekly, fortnightly or monthly salary payments, by making your pay available as soon as you’ve done the work to earn it.

PressPay Shop is their latest innovation, helping hard working Australians get early access to their earnings using pay advance shop cards from zero fees and no interest charges ever.

With PressPay Learn they’re helping empower Australians with the knowledge, tips and tools to make informed decisions in their financial lives.

PressPay are proud and excited to be helping Australians get early access to their money and take control of their financial well-being.