Welcome to NTENDER, where the fusion of art and science drives the transformation of raw data into actionable insights.

Specializing in the application of AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies in the Superannuation sector, NTENDER enhances member engagement and facilitates improved member outcomes. By leveraging advanced algorithms, NTENDER helps understand members’ predictive behavior, including their retirement readiness. Through the analysis of member behavior and preferences, NTENDER offers personalized recommendations and customized communication strategies to optimize financial well-being.

Additionally, NTENDER offers advanced AI solutions tailored specifically for financial advisors. These solutions empower advisors to gain profound insights into their clients’ preferences and needs. By leveraging AI-powered segmentation, pattern analysis, and predictive tools, advisors obtain a comprehensive understanding of client behaviors and trends. This enables proactive responses customized to individual needs, enhancing client satisfaction, retention, and inquiry conversions.

Operating under a Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) model, NTENDER provides personalized attention and expertise, ensuring immediate value realization. With rapid implementation at a low cost, NTENDER democratizes customer insights and advanced analytics, previously reserved for larger budgets. Our scalable, transparent, and AI-driven technology empowers businesses to understand customers, predict behaviors, increase conversions, and drive growth.