Chillur launches new investment offering allowing Australians to maximise their savings

Chillur launches new investment offering allowing Australians to maximise their savings

Crypto platform Chillur has announced the launch of Chillur Earn allowing Australians to make the most of their tax return this end of financial year amid rising costs of living.

Research reveals that 40% of Australians tend to either save their tax returns, however with the current low return on savings, Australians are being encouraged to invest.

Founder of Chillur, Prashant Rajkhowa, said, “With interest rates as low as they are currently and inflation tipped to cross 5%, it’s more important now than ever before to ensure that you’re seeing the benefits of saving. It’s a great first step that people are saving their tax refunds and the next step is ensuring that they’re getting the returns and not just seeing the value of their money eroded due to inflation.”

“Chillur Earn is a new product that enables you to earn 7% p.a interest on your investment with the interest compounding daily. It does this through buying a stablecoin (a subset of cryptocurrencies) that’s pegged to the US Dollar. It’s essentially a digital version of a US Dollar. So, for every coin you own, there’s 1 USD sitting in a US-regulated bank.

“The start of a new financial year is a great time to set up good financial habits starting with an investment portfolio. With Chillur Earn, you can start with your tax refund and then for as little as $5 every week, you’ll see your portfolio grow every day.”

With over half (51%) of Australians preferring long-term investing, Chillur Earn provides a great way to invest small amounts at a time and have access to higher returns.

Prashant concluded adding, “It’s completely free to use, there are no transfer fees, transaction fees, withdrawal fees or account maintenance fees. You simply deposit your money and watch it grow every day.”

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