Asendium announces strategic partnership with Enzumo for dynamic SoA creation

Asendium announces strategic partnership with Enzumo for dynamic SoA creation

Financial advice disruptor Asendium has announced a strategic partnership with Enzumo, an Australian specialist financial planning software customisation business with a national licensee customer base.

Asendium continues to transform the way financial advisers deliver advice, through a dynamic platform that is simple to use, easy to learn, and achieves a significant cost reduction in producing advice for everyday Australians.

Through the partnership with Enzumo, Asendium clients will have access to a detailed and compliant Statement of Advice (SoA) document that is linked to their Asendium account. For licensees, this provides a single SoA that is manageable through Asendium for their planner base at a fraction of the cost of traditional SoA management. For those that require a customised option, Enzumo can build and maintain their SoA template through the Asendium platform.

“Asendium is laser focused on streamlining the advice delivery process, and the SoA is a huge part of that,” Asendium CEO, Scott Miller, said. “The Enzumo template creates a living document that is updated dynamically to reflect regulatory changes and works for any financial adviser or licensee. It is high-quality and far more straightforward than the SoAs currently being used today.”

As Asendium is CRM agnostic, this partnership will enable Enzumo to service existing Xplan users. Asendium customers who utilise Xplan will also be able to work with Enzumo on its specialist workflow design service.

“At Enzumo we believe this strategic partnership allows us to be a key part of delivering the next stage of financial advice technology,” Enzumo National Account Manager, James Blanton, outlines, “We currently work with many advice businesses on how they can create efficiencies utilising and managing their own Xplan sites, and through our partnership with Asendium, we will be able to complement this by allowing every Asendium user access to world-class financial advice templates, and offering our consulting services where they may need help on Xplan or other parts of their tech solutions.”

Asendium acts as the ‘guard rails’ for developing high-quality advice, and advisers can generate in-house, next day comprehensive and personalised advice – for a multitude of advice areas in combination with generating fact finds, strategy papers, and Statements of Advice.

“At Asendium we see this partnership being able to deliver efficiency and cost benefits for adviser and licensees alike in managing their businesses,” Miller said.