Adatree launches new feature: CDR Test Drive

Adatree launches new feature: CDR Test Drive

Award-winning Open Data intermediary, Adatree is the first to launch CDR Test Drive, a new CDR data feature to enable consumers and developers to see the detail of their own CDR data.

CDR Test Drive allows anyone – developers, product designers and business leaders – to consent to and connect their own CDR data and call specific CDR APIs for a first-hand experience of their CDR data and metadata. This can help companies interested in accessing CDR Data experience their own data payload and understand how Adatree’s Data Recipient Platform simplifies companies connecting to the CDR.

“There’s a huge difference between having something explained to you and seeing it in action,” said Adatree CEO Jill Berry (pictured). “CDR data is no different. As the only CDR intermediary that is connected to every data source, we wanted business and consumers to be able to experience the CDR first-hand and see what the data looks like. That’s why Adatree built the CDR Test Drive feature into the Adatree Developer Portal – to enable Australians to have a deep look at the CDR data and experience.”

Consent to your own CDR data

Prior to this feature in Adatree’s developer portal, the only other in-market options to view your own CDR data were through live use cases and apps or a PDF download.

“The most common question we receive from businesses considering a CDR-powered use case is: what does CDR data and metadata look like?” said Berry.

Adatree’s mission has always been to remove barriers for businesses to bring their use cases to life with the CDR. By providing the option to test drive your own CDR data, they intend to remove one of the biggest barriers for developers considering a CDR integration by allowing them to see CDR data in action and analyse it in its raw format. Users can look at outputs of specific API calls and download it in a raw data format.

All features and documentation in the Adatree Developer Portal have been designed by developers, for developers.

“CDR adoption is rapidly increasing,” said Adatree CTO Shane Doolan. “Adatree and our customers are connected to every available Data Holder in CDR and we’ve launched the CDR Test Drive capability to allow even more developers to answer their own questions, validate their use cases by looking at their data needs and what is available through the CDR. We are confident the data speaks for itself.”

As Australia’s first accredited and active CDR intermediary, this feature is yet another first for this market-leading intermediary.

To try Adatree’s CDR Test Drive function or view the API documentation for Adatree’s market leading Data Recipient Platform, visit: