Accountants Direct partners with Annature to streamline eSigning for Corporate and Personal Tax Returns

Accountants Direct partners with Annature to streamline eSigning for Corporate and Personal Tax Returns

Award-winning Australian eSigning specialist Annature has expanded its client base in a new eSignature partnership with Accountants Direct.

Accountants Direct has a significant corporate base and clients who interact from retail locations Australia wide, online video or by phone. It is scaling for growth, targeting clients missing out on benefits by doing their own tax return – especially those who’ll benefit from a documented digital trail to claim entitlements from investments in shares or property.

Since establishment a decade ago it has serviced over 45,000 clients, assisted almost than 11,000 businesses and transferred tax refunds in excess of $81 million.

Accountants Direct signed with Annature to solve the challenges of executing contracts quickly to help its client base seamlessly check final tax documentation. It can now send customers an SMS message with a link to digitally sign their returns to the ATO – even from their phones.

“Reputation and customer service is everything,” said Stephen Burns, CEO and founder of Accountants Direct. “We now have the latest technology, with up-to-date compliance and our fifty consultants nationwide are now confident about the security of all our data and the fact it remains onshore. We don’t white label Annature because we want to showcase a standout Aussie brand – and we’re very familiar with the calibre of the Annature team from a previous relationship under the NowInfinity brand.”

The partnership expands Accountants Direct digital footprint and is about compliance now and in the future. “We’ll consider Annature’s ID verification for impending compliance of new clients in line with Tax Practioners Board guidelines,” added Mr. Burns.

As the leading Australian-owned eSigning solution with an integrated digital signature, identity certification and payments platform built on blockchain technology, Annature offers integration with the world’s leading document management solutions and cloud storage providers. Its bank-grade security is underpinned by ISO 27001 certification to keep data, documents and sensitive client information secure and onshore.

“We’ve had a huge growth surge across a broad range of industries,” said Amreeta Abbott, Annature CEO and founder. “That’s because of our capacity to seamlessly integrate with any system and execute agreements and the client process in one transaction, on one platform and at an incomparable price. Annature is proud to continue our relationship with Stephen and his team. We value such long term relationships where the value of advanced technology from the team at Annature is recognised. It is part of the innovation roadmap for Australian industry.”

As Accountants Direct positions for accelerated growth the Annature solution allows its professional users to remove the friction points in that entire process – and do it all digitally, integrated with their existing system.