6clicks momentum grows as GRC transformation becomes essential for organizations around the world

6clicks momentum grows as GRC transformation becomes essential for organizations around the world

6clicks, the leading AI-powered GRC platform for businesses and advisors, today announced that its business has more than doubled over the past year, even though awareness for critical new enablers of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is still in early stages. 6clicks has pioneered essential technological features within a complete, modern, purpose-built platform for GRC. 6clicks enables organizations to move from largely manual, time consuming and often chaotic processes and workloads to stay ahead of dramatically increasing complexity and change.

“Managing risk and ensuring compliance continues to grow exponentially, making it nearly impossible for organizations to keep up,” said Anthony Stevens, CEO and Co-Founder, 6clicks. “The old approaches of generalized GRC solutions, lack of AI and automation and inflexible modules have encumbered organizations instead of equipping them for the staggering volume and velocity of regulatory change and risk management. In creating the 6clicks platform we designed it for where GRC is going, rather than where it has been, and organizations are just now realizing the distinction.”

Some of the innovations in which 6clicks has broken new ground for managing GRC include:

  • The use of GPT-3 artificial intelligence (AI) technology to ingest, interpret and understand complex language in laws, regulations and compliance requirements, automate compliance mapping between standards, identify control gaps in policies and then actually write control descriptions and policies for an organization based on the control context, risks and associated references.
  • A “hub and spoke” architecture to ensure that organizations can establish and manage universal policies and practices while also providing the flexibility to create and manage ones specific to industries and countries. It enables a single pane of glass view of these varying levels. It also enables service providers to manage multiple clients over multiple industries in multiple countries. Hub and Spoke enables globalization and localization simultaneously.
  • A robust and complete content library of laws, requirements and regulations to save individual customers the time, expense and complexity of having to track these down for each country and industry in which they do business.
  • The 6clicks Trust Portal to allow organizations to be transparent with their security posture while still maintaining strong controls around their sensitive data. This enables a company to instill confidence with their external party relations and still maintain security and confidentiality.
  • A dedicated online community to foster the sharing of information, resources, perspectives, questions, answers, templates and ideas. The 6clicks community is yet another way for the company to help its customers to increase in GRC maturity and advance its practices.

While still relatively new and only starting to gain mindshare, 6clicks has been growing substantially. Over the past year, 6clicks revenue has increased by 200%, partners have increased by 69% and the number of customers has more than tripled. 6clicks Global Systems Integrator partners include Deloitte, KPMG and Tata Consultancy Services. Earlier this year, John Meacock, previously Global Chief Strategy Officer of Deloitte, was appointed as Chairman of the Board for 6clicks, replacing Co-Founder and former Chairman, Anthony Stevens (pictured), who now serves as CEO. Anthony is a former Partner and Chief Digital Officer at KPMG and published author of Chasing Digital: A Playbook for the New Economy.