Unwrap the future of gifting with AI-powered personal styling

Unwrap the future of gifting with AI-powered personal styling

This festive season, Threadicated, the AI-powered fashion platform that pairs AI generated clothing options with a real-life stylist – invites you to sleigh your gift-giving game with the perfect present that’s as smart as Santa’s list and twice as delightful! Introducing our AI-powered Christmas Gift Vouchers, the gift that keeps on giving in style.

Founder and CEO of Threadicated, Danielle Johansen (pictured), stated, “Our unique AI-powered system is taking online shopping to the next level. It offers a two-in-one gift – new clothes that are entirely personalised to the recipient’s body and style.”

Since its establishment in 2019, Threadicated has served tens of thousands of clients. The heart of Threadicated lies in its utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to meticulously analyse fashion trends and select pieces that perfectly complement each client’s body type. These AI-selected items are then further refined by accredited stylists to align with the client’s personal preferences and lifestyle.

By combining technology and fashion expertise, here are some reasons to choose a Threadicated gift voucher this festive season:

Smart Gifting, Happy Receiving: Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle trying to find the right gift! Threadicated’s AI-powered technology takes the guesswork out of gifting, ensuring your loved ones receive something they truly adore. Our algorithms know if they’ve been naughty or nice – and pick the perfect present accordingly!

Personalised Presents, Merry Memories: No more generic gifts that gather dust! Threadicated’s AI tailors each recommendation based on individual preferences, ensuring a holly-jolly reaction every time the gift is received. It’s like having a Christmas elf customise presents for your loved ones.

Tech the Halls with Threadicated: Our cutting-edge AI technology isn’t just for the North Pole – it’s right here to make your holiday shopping stress-free and full of cheer. Threadicated’s AI elves work around the clock to ensure your friends and family receive the perfect pieces for their wardrobe.

Santa-Approved Convenience: Skip the lines, avoid the crowds, and leave the heavy lifting to us. Threadicated’s Christmas Gift Vouchers can be purchased online, from the comfort of your cozy couch. It’s the easiest way to sleigh the holiday hustle!

Spread the Yuletide Style: Whether your loved ones have been fashion-forward or are in need of a festive wardrobe makeover, Threadicated’s AI-powered Christmas Gift Vouchers are the perfect way to spread yuletide style. Give the gift of looking good and feeling great this holiday season!

Fun and games aside, research from The Australian Institute revealed that nearly three in ten Australians (30%), roughly 7.3 million people, receive gifts during Christmas that they never expect to use or wear, resulting in a staggering $980 million worth of wasted presents.

Danielle Johansen said, “What ends up in landfills is alarming. This is the beauty of purchasing a voucher to such a personalised service that accurately predicts what Aussie men and women are really looking for.

The satisfaction of Threadicated’s clients speaks volumes. Stuart, a Threadicated client, said, “the process exceeded my expectations. The process was simple yet detailed enough to ensure well-fitting clothes. Communication was exceptional, delivery swift, and prices were competitive with other online options. Most importantly, I avoided a trip to the shops, thanks to my Threadicated stylist for a fantastic experience.”

Georgia, another satisfied client, shared her experience, “What an amazing service! It was incredibly easy to use, and the results were spot on. I was so pleased that I had to return a few items because I already owned them. I’ll absolutely be using Threadicated again for a wardrobe update. I especially loved being able to chat with my stylist over email to make it more personal. If you’re considering it, go for it – it’s worth the money and takes the stress out of choosing clothes yourself, especially if you’re feeling a little stuck in a fashion rut like I was.”

The $500 gift card provides personalised styling, five curated items and shipping. Order your gift card now to be ready for this holiday season and let your friends and family savor the joy of a personalised, stress-free shopping experience that keeps on giving. While you are there, don’t forget to grab one for yourself too so you can reap the benefits too and have the perfect holiday outfits.