The Leadership Compass is the ultimate guide for women leaders to reach their full potential

The Leadership Compass is the ultimate guide for women leaders to reach their full potential

Award-winning diversity, equity and inclusion leader, Michelle Redfern believes that closing the gender leadership gap is not about fixing women.

It’s about providing women with a human compass to navigate their way to leadership success, unlocking the specific skills and competencies required to reach their full leadership potential.

Drawing on her decades of executive experience in the corporate and sporting world, Michelle brings a refreshing voice to closing the global leadership gender gap and in doing so, shares her threefold mission: fixing workplace systems that hinder women’s advancement; guiding women to reach their fullest potential; and advocating for women’s rights.

The clear roadmap offered in The Leadership Compass addresses the unique challenges faced by women in the workplace, with high impact, practical strategies to navigate hurdles and carve a pathway to leadership success.

Featuring praise from influential industry leaders, The Leadership Compass has already been hailed as a game-changer for women ready to take charge of their careers, and organisations ready to rethink their approach to diversity, equity and inclusion.

While highlighting the necessity of systemic change for real progress in gender equity, The Leadership Compass also shines a light on the importance of women developing business intelligence, a key element often overlooked by leadership programs designed for women.

In The Leadership Compass, Michelle Redfern offers a frank, unfiltered perspective on leadership, and provides tools for women and those in positions of power to close the leadership gender gap. It includes practical guidance on:

  1. How to improve business intelligence, lead for strategic outcomes, and why financial acumen is so important.
  2. How to be your own CEO and understand the importance of personal branding – even as an employee.
  3. How to network like a CEO and strategically leverage connections to create your own progression pathway, and then do the same for others.
  4. How to create your leadership philosophy, and to better understand yourself in the context of leadership.