The Chooze Shop launches Disability and Aged Care Online Marketplace

The Chooze Shop launches Disability and Aged Care Online Marketplace

The launch of The Chooze Shop, the revolutionary online store for Assistive Technology and consumables, at Adelaide’s first fully accessible nightclub, Confessions, was a resounding success, with a nearly full house.

Motivated by a commitment to integrity, leadership, customer advocacy, and community, Kerry Kingham, the CEO and Managing Director of The Chooze Shop, aims to transform the disability sector. Kerry’s vision is to redefine the existing standards and establish a new level of service excellence that surpasses expectations in disability and aged care shopping.

Specifically chosen as the venue for the event, Confessions, in Port Adelaide, prides itself on accessibility and inclusivity, and is open to the public on weekends. Attendees agreed that they loved the venue, which was true to its claims, and it set the tone for the event perfectly, with many also pointing out it was an important venue for the community.

Attendees including business leaders, media, investors, and disability and aged sector representatives filled the room in support and celebration of the inclusive online marketplace that is dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities, and older Australians, by offering a smooth, transparent, and accessible shopping experience.

The Australian start-up’s new website was showcased. With a selection of more than 2000 products from over 130 carefully selected Australian sellers, the rapidly expanding marketplace is set to become one of the largest of its kind in the country. A seller in attendance was excited and confirmed, “We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with Chooze – we can see the potential of our products being available on the Chooze site.”

The launch event also facilitated invaluable networking opportunities for the community and sectors’ like-minded experts, industry leaders, and advocates that will benefit NDIS participants and ageing Australians in the mission of providing easier access to the products and services they need most. A representative from one of the larger disability and aged care providers was thrilled with the platform and its range, stating, “This will be perfect for our clients – we can work with them and have their products delivered directly to them at home.”

Kerry’s mission in hosting the event for the marketplace launch was to encourage conversations among those who work in the sector and support the community and to actively disrupt the norm to attain better standards in accessibility and inclusivity for the disabled and ageing. When key stakeholders agree that Chooze is doing great work, and looking forward to what’s next it’s a great thing.

Kerry recapped the event, “It was fabulous to see the community coming together to support Chooze. Watching the mingling and the conversations, it was fantastic to see the lived experience being shared, and stories being told – some valuable introductions were made. It really reinforced how important Assistive Technology (AT) is, and how Chooze will support access to it.

“The night was a celebration of the hard work and commitment of the team, our shareholders and supporters. The vibe was definitely also one of community, engagement and fun. But more importantly, it reinforced how valuable Choose will be to the community we serve.”

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