Technology platform Build Buddy set to shake up the residential construction industry

Technology platform Build Buddy set to shake up the residential construction industry

Build Buddy has launched its ground-breaking collaborative construction platform, designed to empower everyday Australians with the knowledge, guidance and support they need to take control of their home building journey and to save money by avoiding having to engage a traditional builder.

By taking an innovative technology-led approach to the traditional building process, Build Buddy’s intelligent algorithms and easy-to-use platform tells users WHAT they need to do, WHEN they need to do it, HOW they’re going to do it and then CONNECTS them directly to the people WHO are going to do it (a curated marketplace of verified consultants, contractors and suppliers). 

Collaborative Construction: Revolutionising Home Building

According to the report by McKinsey & Company, The Next Normal in Construction: How disruption is reshaping the world’s largest eco system: “Digital technologies can enable better collaboration, greater control of the value chain, and a shift toward more data-driven decision making. These innovations will change the way companies approach operations, design, and construction as well as engage with partners.”

In recognising that the home building industry hasn’t had a major change in the last fifty years, Build Buddy represents a true paradigm shift with its re-engineered collaborative construction methodology – a methodology where everybody involved in building a home (i.e. architect, engineer, plumber, electrician, site supervisor and, most importantly, the home owner) all work together towards one project goal, where everyone can access the plans, people, schedules, and progress at any time via one convenient app. There are no gatekeepers, no multiple layers of management or distant corporate offices. When everyone has access to the same information in real-time, the construction timeline can be streamlined, the building process improved, and efficiencies gained through effective communication.

By leveraging intelligent algorithms and an easy-to-use platform designed for accessibility and user-friendliness, Build Buddy puts all its resources directly into the hands of those who want to take control of their home building journey. The platform is tailored for individuals with no prior building experience, ensuring a seamless, guided, and supportive experience throughout the entire construction process. 

Guidance Every Step of the Way

With Build Buddy’s Expert Guidance and Support team, and a workflow built upon building industry best-practices, each step in the home building process has been broken down into manageable, simple to follow tasks, that will guide a user, with little or no building experience, through the entire new home building journey. Whilst users will always be in control, with Build Buddy they will never be alone.

Establishing Quality and Safety Benchmarks

A key aspect of the platform is that everyone will have their very own Construction Buddy – a dedicated, real life, local, experienced, licensed and insured building professional who supports the owner as an on-site supervisor and can take responsibility for all on-site construction matters. Combined with the step-by-step, highly transparent workflow system, having an on-site real-life supervisor ensures all on-site works are constructed efficiently, within budget and to the highest standards of safety and quality.

Say Goodbye to Builder’s Margins

With the rising costs of construction and home ownership, one of the standout features of Build Buddy is the potential for significant cost savings to Australian families. With users never having to pay a traditional builder’s margin, this could result in savings of up to 20% or more and help so many more Australians achieve their dream of home ownership.

Through its verified suppliers, Build Buddy users have access to wholesale pricing across thousands of products, from concrete, bricks and timber to paint, taps and appliances. 

Built by Experts

Build Buddy is the brainchild of Danny Assabgy, a visionary leader who is well established in the residential construction industry. Having spent the past 25 years working in the industry, Danny was the winner of the Australian Building and Construction CEO of the Year Award, the Founder and CEO of Hudson Homes, and was recently awarded the 2023 Australian Builder of the Year by the HIA. Danny certainly knows a thing or two about the residential construction industry and is committed to using technology and a more collaborative approach to help the Australian construction industry thrive.

Together with Vincenzo Marciano, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer and Nick Chandler, Chief Operating Officer, the trio have been refining the concept of what true collaborative construction actually means. Their collective efforts have not only brought the platform to life but have also paved the way for a transformative experience in home building where both the customer and the service providers win.

Danny shared his perspective on Build Buddy, stating, “Our goal has been to create a technology-based solution that will enable consultants, contractors, suppliers and homeowners to all work closely together. Build Buddy is so much more than just a platform to share knowledge and information, it is redefining the entire new home building journey by making it completely transparent, by connecting people and ensuring that the homeowner has the confidence, the support and the guidance they need to build the homes they’ve always dreamed of, without the risk of handing over full control.”

The team have meticulously honed the workflow concept, ensuring that Build Buddy delivers an intuitive and seamless experience. With the pilot program for initial home builders now well underway, the team is actively gaining valuable insights.

Nick Chandler, the COO, expressed the team’s excitement, saying, “The pilot program is a crucial step in our journey throughout 2024. We are learning from every user interaction, adapting the software in real-time, and gearing up for even more ambitious plans on the near horizon.”

As Build Buddy continues to shape the future of home building, the team remains committed to innovation and user-centric design.

CTO Vincenzo Marciano highlighted the ongoing development efforts, stating, “Our journey doesn’t end with this particular launch; it’s just the beginning. We’re dedicated to continuous improvement, incorporating user feedback, and leveraging technology to enhance the home building experience. Build Buddy is not just a platform; it’s a testament to our commitment to revolutionise the construction industry.”

New Home or Granny Flat – Build Buddy Can Help

For those looking to build a new home or granny flat, Build Buddy’s software has been purposely created for this purpose. With their pre-vetted team of marketplace professionals, Build Buddy will connect users with all required trades and professionals to achieve the desired outcome.

From the initial designer or architect who will assist with plans and budgeting, while considering what’s possible with a block of land based on council requirements, through to a dedicated on-site supervisor, the opportunity for adding value to a new home is at a user’s fingertips.