Polemos partners with Immutable and provides Substantial Market Update to Whitepaper.

Polemos partners with Immutable and provides Substantial Market Update to Whitepaper.

Gaming infrastructure and audience technology provider Polemos today announced it has partnered with Immutable to provide player-facing game analytics for games developed on the Immutable layer-2 scalability solution. The partnership will allow games and game developers to access the Polemos analytics layer directly via the Immutable Partnership Ecosystem providing immutable games with advanced player-facing analytics, player performance data and cohort analysis.

In recent months, the blockchain gaming sector has seen a dramatic increase in user activity with a number of the long awaited blockchain games including Illuvium – gearing up for launch. Polemos, having developed the world first non-collateralised, protected lending protocol for gaming assets, recently announced it had commenced its strategic funding round alongside the integration and launch of a number of its additional technology products, including a targeted gaming news and entertainment business, gaming education and learning management system, and now, a large scale first-party data and analytics platform.

Polemos has invested in innovative cutting-edge analytics solutions, providing valuable insights to both players and game developers. The collaboration with Immutable is poised to elevate these capabilities to new heights. As part of the partnership, Polemos will be integrated into the Immutable Partner Directory, a testament to the commitment of both companies to foster innovation and excellence in the gaming Ecosystem.

Impact of the Partnership:

Immutable investor and long-time crypto investor Santiago R Santos considers this collaboration as a crucial step towards enhancing the overall gaming experience. “I am excited to see Polemos joining the Immutable Partner Directory,” says Santiago. “The team’s expertise in player and game analytics aligns seamlessly with Immutable’s vision, in-turn creating a more transparent and data-driven gaming environment.”

Polemos’ Vision:

For Polemos, this partnership represents an opportunity to expand its reach and impact within the gaming community. Polemos CEO, Richard McLaren (pictured) commented, “We are thrilled to join forces with Immutable. Our shared commitment to advancing analytics in the gaming industry makes this collaboration a natural fit. By integrating our platform into the Immutable ecosystem, we aim to provide even more comprehensive insights that will benefit players and game developers alike.”

What to Expect:

Players can anticipate a richer and more immersive gaming experience as a result of this partnership. The combined expertise of Polemos and Immutable promises to deliver analytics solutions that are not only insightful but also contribute to the growth and evolution of the gaming industry as a whole.

Strategic Direction:

With the announcement of the partnership, Polemos has also released a comprehensive update to its strategy and organisation through the release of a new official white paper. Having seen its monthly audience numbers grow exponentially to over 360,000 unique users in October alone, the new version of the white paper provides updated details on the overall governance and operation of the Polemos DAO, the Polemos token (PLMS) and the services for players on the Polemos Platform.

Richard McLaren continued, “Polemos has always had the player at the centre of our philosophy. We are absolutely committed to a vision of players having more control and ownership of digital items they earn in games and are more excited than ever about the development of this aspect of gaming in 2024 and beyond.

“The white paper released today lays out a simplified version of our vision that reflects market changes and developing opportunities. We believe every member of our community can find something to be optimistic about here and we are grateful for the support and engagement so far.”