Pizza delivery tracking on your loans

Pizza delivery tracking on your loans innovates and disrupts the fintech industry yet again through communication, AI, fintech and finance. has developed a loan tracker tool that offers customers full transparency. Customers now have full transparency on where their application is up to and can directly contact the loan specialist who is in possession of their file.

The new loan tracker ensures that customers can see exactly where they are in the application process without having to create an account or remember a password. It is secured through a secure code sent to the linked mobile number. In addition to this, customers are able to make direct contact with the broker who is handling the file.

Julian Fayad, CEO and Founder at said, “Why is it that customers can track a pizza delivery to the value of $20 but customers can’t see where their finance application is up to when the value is 50k or more? Why should we allow them to accept substandard service, communication and a lack of transparency which leads to poor outcomes and ‘status anxiety’.” also built-in dynamic countdown timers so that customers can understand how long it will take to progress to the next stage, based on individual lenders. The countdown timer stops counting down outside of working hours when the banks and lenders are closed.

This loan tracker is really aimed at improving the customer journey because we already have the ability for brokers who refer clients to track the status and receive notifications. This has been available for more than 2 years.

This new loan tracker is designed to provide that transparency all the way down to the client and more importantly there is a layer of translating the finance jargon from the lenders, into regular language that the customer’s understand.

There are more than 68 banks and lenders on their “DriveIQ” platform which has enabled them to seamlessly pass status updates back and forward to the client.