Learn to master the EzzyBills phone app in upcoming webinar

Learn to master the EzzyBills phone app in upcoming webinar

EzzyBills, the leading provider of automated bill processing solutions, announce an upcoming webinar focused on mastering the EzzyBills phone app.

Scheduled for Wednesday April 17th at 11:30am the webinar will cover:

  • Getting Started: Participants will learn how to connect the EzzyBills phone app to their EzzyBills account as well as how to advise colleagues or clients to do the same.
  • Supplier Bill Processing: Learn how to handle supplier bills directly through the EzzyBills mobile app.
  • Configuring Spend Money/Company Credit Cards: Gain insights into configuring settings tailored to individual user or employee needs, particularly for spend money and company credit card transactions.
  • Employee Expense Claims Setup: Learn best practices for setting up employee expense claims to ensure seamless reimbursements for your employees and contractors.
  • Special Cases: Explore advanced scenarios such as uploading a single receipt and recording it onto a job in Simpro.

Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with EzzyBills experts, ask questions, and gain practical insights to improve how they process bills in their business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of the EzzyBills phone app. Current and future EzzyBills customers are welcome to attend.

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Webinar Details: