KPMG and Stone & Chalk unveil third Future Technology Program cohort to tackle Australia’s workforce challenges

KPMG and Stone & Chalk unveil third Future Technology Program cohort to tackle Australia’s workforce challenges

KPMG Australia and Stone & Chalk have announced the third cohort of the Future Technology Program, which combines the largest innovation community in Australia at Stone & Chalk with KPMG’s deep expertise and knowledge, to help startups introduce better technology, better innovation and better thinking into the economy.

The Future Technology Program’s third cohort focuses on workforce technologies. Each selected startup is developing advanced solutions to address the challenges facing both employees and employers in the new era of work – ranging from outdated and impersonal processes, inefficient workforce management, credential and skills tracking, business transformation impacts, workplace psychosocial care, and talent development and retention.

Sarah Vega, National Managing Partner, KPMG Futures commented on the cohort’s selection, “The pandemic fundamentally changed the nature of the workforce, leaving employees and employers to navigate a complex array of new challenges from mental and emotional wellbeing to technological exhaustion. We’re excited to be supporting companies delivering solutions changing the way employers engage with their teams to create a more resilient, supportive and sustainable work environment well into the future.”

The five startups will receive complimentary residency for 12 months at one of Stone & Chalk’s startup hubs located in Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide. Each startup will receive guidance and support from KPMG mentors and industry leads to support the teams to accelerate market readiness, establish industry connections, and explore genuine growth opportunities both locally and globally.

The startups selected for the program will benefit from KPMG’s deep relationships locally and internationally across industries to support their progress and provide market access.

“It’s not often that startups gain access to the calibre of talent and extended networks available at KPMG, so we are pretty thrilled at the advantage this gives us,” said Helena Turpin, CEO and Co-Founder of cohort company GoFIGR.

“I’m excited that MyPass has been selected for KPMG’s Future Technology Program. We are planning to grow our business into new markets and verticals and KPMG has the track record and relationships to help us achieve this,” said Matt Smith, CEO and Founder of MyPassGlobal.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming the next cohort, which through their industry-leading solutions are playing a pivotal role in changing the face of the Australian workforce sector,” said Stone & Chalk Group CEO, Chris Kirk.

“The technology behind each startup will help companies across the country quickly and efficiently pivot to manage the shifting workplace environment, ensuring more time and effort is placed into strategic initiatives and employee wellbeing. By working closely with KPMG and providing the right ecosystem of entrepreneurialism and guidance, the program will play an integral role in supporting each startup to achieve their business goals.”

The Future Technology Program workforce cohort:

  • CrewmojoTransforms key HR processes like performance development, onboarding and skill building, into engaging and meaningful experiences. Integrated with the existing payroll systems customers already use, Crewmojo leverages data to craft automated yet personalised experiences for employees at scale.
  • GoFIGR — Blending expertise in HR, technology, behavioural science and user behaviour to truly understand what makes people tick, GoFIGR matches internal talent with suitable opportunities within the organisation based on skills, experience, and career aspirations.
  • Matae A systemised method to engage and activate leaders (managers and supervisors) of employees impacted by organisational changes associated with business transformation programs. Matae is used to align, engage and activate people leaders to champion change and effectively support their teams to adopt new ways of working.
  • MyPass Global — Empowering the workforce to own and control their competency information using digital Skills Passports which operate as a single source of truth capturing validated training, credentials and licences. Organisations across multiple industries can utilise this information to reduce their risk and cost of workforce onboarding & compliance.
  • RespectX — A new reporting and case management system to specifically address psychosocial harm including sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination in the workplace. The technology roadmap and AI-powered assistant better support employees and case managers by providing recommendations that are compliant, compassionate and common sense.