How The Chooze Shop is redefining online retail shopping in the Disability Sector

How The Chooze Shop is redefining online retail shopping in the Disability Sector

Driven by a passion for integrity, leadership, customer advocacy and community, CEO and Managing Director of The Chooze Shop, Kerry Kingham, is set to disrupt the disability sector. Kerry’s mission is to challenge existing norms and introduce a new benchmark in service quality that not only meets, but exceeds expectations in disability and aged care shopping.

Australian start-up The Chooze Shop is revolutionising how Australians access and purchase Assistive Technology (AT) and consumables. This inclusive online marketplace, is designed to empower people with disabilities, including ageing Australians, providing a seamless, transparent and accessible shopping experience.

One-Stop Shopping Solution: The Chooze Shop provides a comprehensive range of AT and consumables, all in one place. This consolidation eliminates the need to visit multiple sites for different purchases, simplifying the shopping process.

Transparent Pricing and Comparison: Unlike traditional marketplaces, Chooze doesn’t set prices; sellers do. This transparent approach encourages competitive pricing, addressing the widespread issue of price exploitation in the disability sector. Users can compare identical products side-by-side, ensuring they make informed decisions based on both price and quality.

Streamlined Invoicing and Claims: The Chooze Shop platform offers consolidated NDIS friendly invoicing for purchases from multiple shops, including all necessary data for claiming, including Support Item Reference Numbers, AT Risk Ratings and Reasonable & Necessary Reason.This feature simplifies the claiming process, reducing the likelihood of delays or rejections when making claims.

Direct Claim Submission: The Chooze Shop further eases the burden on users by facilitating direct claim submissions to Plan Managers. This feature eliminates out-of-pocket expenses for Plan Managed participants, simplifying paperwork and streamlining the entire purchasing process.

Quality Assurance and Local Support: Every product on their online marketplace undergoes a rigorous review by the Head of Quality, ensuring compliance with relevant codes, risk ratings and overall suitability. Chooze exclusively features Australian sellers on its site, supporting the local economy and ensuring faster, more reliable shipping.

Guaranteed Delivery and Customer Support: Chooze guarantees the delivery of products, tracking parcels to confirm their arrival. Sellers are compensated only after the products reach the customer, ensuring a trustworthy and secure shopping experience. Chooze prides itself on its human customer support team, dedicated to building strong customer relationships and fostering a supportive community for all users.

Innovative Technology and Partnerships: Chooze has launched its e-commerce marketplace on a built for purpose SAAS platform by VTEX, with Valtech providing custom development to leverage their digital accessibility expertise. This collaboration ensures state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to continuous development, offering an inclusive and seamless shopping experience for all users.

Support Item Reference Numbers and Risk Ratings: Chooze Shop utilises Support Item Reference Numbers and Risk Ratings to enhance the shopping experience. These features assist in identifying the right products, ensuring alignment with NDIS requirements and participant outcomes. This streamlines the claiming process and supports informed purchasing decisions.

Chooze is more than a marketplace; it’s a community dedicated to providing solutions that reduce the impact of disabilities. By offering a user-friendly, transparent and efficient platform, Chooze is setting a new standard in online retail for the disability sector.

With over 120 sellers and 2000 products and plans to expand to 1000 sellers and 10,000 products in the next two years, The Chooze Shop is set to become Australia’s largest marketplace of its type.