Hope In Health announces two new rehabilitation facilities, setting a new standard for personalised rehabilitation in Australia

Hope In Health announces two new rehabilitation facilities, setting a new standard for personalised rehabilitation in Australia

Hope In Health, a pioneer in personalised rehabilitation experiences, recently hosted  ‘The Homecoming,’ a gala dinner and boxing event to celebrate resilience and support local rehabilitation journeys.

Held at the Gold Coast Turf Club, the event attracted 850 guests,  including veterans, first responders, boxing supporters, healthcare professionals, stakeholders and community leaders, providing a vibrant networking opportunity for the community to come together in support of community rehabilitation efforts.

The purpose of this hallmark event was twofold; to affirm Hope In Health’s commitment to becoming the most personalised mental health rehabilitation provider in Australia and to announce two new personalised rehabilitation environments for those facing addiction, trauma and other mental health conditions.

Hope In Health’s two state-of-the-art facilities, set to open in the Gold Coast, Queensland next quarter and Melbourne, Victoria later in the year, will continue to transform mental health rehabilitation experiences across Australia. These tailored facilities are custom-designed to empower guests to rehabilitate their way, going beyond treating symptoms, to address the barriers that have disconnected them from living their fullest potential.

The evening’s boxing focus was a nod to their mission to fight the current rehabilitation system, drawing parallels between the discipline, dedication and resilience required for boxing and recovery journeys.

Featuring thrilling boxing matches showcasing talent from Australia and across the globe, this event was a celebration of strength and resilience, not only for the boxers, many of whom have had to overcome their own mental health challenges, but for those in the community recovering from PTSD and addiction.

Hope In Health Acting CEO and Strategy Director, Jake Majerovic said, “We are excited to host events, such as this, that are unique, memorable and most importantly distinctive to what we’re all about – not only connecting our community of veterans and first responders, but bringing together  people who genuinely care about those around them and appreciate the health benefits of boxing.”

Co-Founder and Program Director of Hope In Health, Nick Midgley, is a former professional boxer, personal trainer and promoter. In his role, Midgley not only oversees the program development at Hope In Health, but also serves as a personal trainer for guests.

“Physical exercise is a huge part of what we do…boxing specifically is great for your physical and emotional health. It’s a great way to process emotions. After all, emotion is energy and it needs to be processed one way or another and what better way than hitting a bag or going round for round in the ring,” said Midgley.

Hope In Health sponsors individual fighters and hosts events like this in order to provide recovery and growth opportunities for people on their rehabilitation journeys. Midgely elaborated, “A number of boxers at the event have been through their own rehab journeys, and boxing has been a big part of that process.”

Three of the evening’s boxers were trained by Midgley, showcasing the practical application of Hope In Health’s unique rehabilitation framework which seeks to balance emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Highlights from the night included eight exhilarating boxing matches including a fight for the WBA Oceania Lightweight title, featuring Hope In Health sponsored boxer Alexander Devyatov, as well as the main event – a highly anticipated showdown between Gold Coast local Rohan Murdock and Emmanuel Danso.

The night also paid tribute to Hope In Health’s important work in the rehabilitation space, including heartfelt insights from real life journeys and a lively auction that raised funds to support their ongoing efforts to provide the more personalised, empathetic clinical care in Australia.

Jake Majerovic, spoke further about the philosophy behind Hope In Health’s approach, stating, “Working with Nick since the early days, it was clear the system is a real challenge…The revolving doors, or medicating to get clean is not true rehabilitation.

“We recognise the need to build rehabilitation environments around the needs of people who are going through their recovery journey…creating purpose-built, master planned facilities that target specific needs in the community.

“The team at Hope In Health are committed to creating homely spaces and a place to belong while you’re rehabilitating. I’m really excited to announce that we will be launching two new locations very soon,” said Majerovic.

Nick Midgley likewise expressed his enthusiasm for Hope In Health’s goal to transform rehabilitation experiences across the country, adding, “At Hope In Health, we are proud to offer holistic, personalised treatment experiences focusing on a person’s individual recovery.

“My vision for Hope In Health is to continue to grow and offer our services to as many people in need. I’m really excited about what’s going to come out of tonight,” said Midgely.

Hope In Health’s two new rehabilitation facilities will enhance their capacity to provide the most tailored recovery environments in Australia, supporting veterans, first responders and everyday people to be the healthiest version of themselves.