Fintech startup Yondr Money acquires nano-gifting platform Shouta

Fintech startup Yondr Money acquires nano-gifting platform Shouta

Australian fintech startup Yondr Money have announced the acquisition of the nano-gifting platform Shouta. The acquisition will expand loyalty and rewards solutions for customers and provide a more comprehensive, engaging, and personalised financial experience.

Founded with the vision of simplifying financial management and saving users from hidden fees, Yondr Money has rapidly grown since its launch in 2022. Processing millions of dollars and supporting thousands of Australians to better understand and improve their spending habits to build a more financially free life.

The acquisition will allow Yondr Money to continue delivering on its mission of making financial services more useful and enjoyable for customers by employing Shouta’s technology which has changed the nature of the gifting landscape.

By accessing Shouta’s impressive user base of 44,000+ individuals and 250+ businesses, Yondr Money will continue on its strong growth trajectory by leveraging substantial cross-marketing opportunities to expand its market reach.

“This acquisition represents a major step forward in the amplification of Yondr Money’s long-term vision and strategic alignment,” said Shane Chanel, Yondr Money CEO. “Accessing Shouta’s distinctive gifting features will transform the way our customers engage with financial services, introducing a level of personalisation and enjoyment that stands out in this industry.”

The acquisition reinforces Yondr Money’s position as one of Australia’s most dynamic players in the local fin-tech sector, committed to pushing the boundaries of the traditional financial technology landscape and meeting the evolving needs of consumers seeking more comprehensive, holistic services.

Yondr Money is also a resident of Stone & Chalk, Australia’s leading home for emerging technology innovation. Stone & Chalk provide startups and scaleups including Yondr Money with access to world-class expertise and networks, unrivalled knowledge, and access to capital, infrastructure and guidance to drive growth and impact.

“Yondr Money is pushing the boundaries when it comes to financial management,” said Chris Kirk, Group CEO of Stone & Chalk. “Australian startups and scaleups are challenging traditional industries like financial services to evolve with their consumers, pso it’s incredibly exciting to see Yondr Money continuing to innovate and expand. We look forward to providing our ongoing support.”