Financial management startup Thriday appoints Laura Elkaslassy as Head of Accounting & Tax

Financial management startup Thriday appoints Laura Elkaslassy as Head of Accounting & Tax

Thriday, a platform revolutionising small business financial management, have announced the appointment of Laura Elkaslassy (pictured) as Head of Accounting and Tax. Bringing a wealth of expertise from her pivotal role in launching Profit First Australia & New Zealand and her extensive background in accounting, Elkaslassy joins Thriday to spearhead the advancement of AI solutions designed to automate banking, accounting and tax for small businesses.

Laura Elkaslassy is widely recognised as one of Australia’s foremost authorities in small business financial strategy. With her extensive background in accounting, advisory, and tax, Laura has been instrumental in shaping the financial management landscape for businesses across Australia and New Zealand. As the driving force behind Profit First Australia & New Zealand, Elkaslassy has demonstrated her commitment to educating small businesses on best practice financial management.

“Thriday’s appointment of Laura Elkaslassy marks a significant milestone in our journey to redefine small business financial management,” said Michael Nuciforo, CEO and Co-Founder of Thriday. “Laura’s exceptional track record and visionary leadership will propel us into a new phase of innovation, enabling us to offer even more advanced automation and services for small businesses to streamline their BAS and tax processes.”

Elkaslassy was excited about the partnership, stating, “I am thrilled to join Thriday in its mission to eliminate financial admin for small businesses. By leveraging Thriday’s cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation, we can empower small businesses to save significantly on their tax while optimising their business finances.”

Thriday stands at the forefront of disrupting traditional accounting and tax software paradigms, offering small businesses a streamlined alternative that uses AI to deliver efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Central to Thriday’s disruptive strategy is its pioneering development of ‘Luca’, an AI model that automates bookkeeping to expedite small businesses’ BAS and tax filing process. Thousands of companies have experienced firsthand the transformative impact of Thriday’s automated solutions, streamlining their financial management and enhancing their bottom line. With Laura Elkaslassy at the helm of its accounting and tax division, Thriday is on track to deliver against its mission of eliminating financial admin.