In 2018, Zelo Pay was founded in Melbourne, Australia with the goal of reducing unpaid invoices and bills through an API driven platform that automates, brokers and incentivises early and on-time payments.

It is Parakeet’s belief that business to business debt and late payments is a result from a breakdown in relationships. As they’ve continued to push their product capabilities and refine their vision, they wanted a name for the company that was more reflective of the communication and social contract they hope to re-engender between businesses and those they serve. That’s why they rebranded the company with the name Parakeet. For them, the name Parakeet implies approachability and a willingness to work together towards common goals of financial wellness and literacy. They see Parakeet as an icon for better performance, where businesses take flight. Through the power of technology and ease of the Parakeet platform they hope the future is nothing but blue skies ahead.