Clipboard Hospitality partners with frntlne launching a uniquely tailored platform to empower hospitality workers to network, upskill and progress careers

Clipboard Hospitality partners with frntlne launching a uniquely tailored platform to empower hospitality workers to network, upskill and progress careers

Australian edtech start-up frntlne has partnered exclusively with Clipboard Hospitality, a centralised hospitality hub, changing the way the hospitality industry connects, markets and recruits to ultimately build and grow networks.

In a world first, Clipboard Hospitality will offer frntlne’s scientific research-backed ‘Tik-Tok style’ engaging nano video training as an extension of the new career hub to hospitality professionals throughout the country to create well-connected, well-trained workers in the industry.

frntlne founder and CEO, Mark John, said, “Our new exciting partnership with Clipboard Hospitality positions us collectively as the leading destination for all hospitality professionals in Australia looking to thrive in their careers.

“Through our partnership with Clipboard, hospitality workers will not only be able to connect with like minded people in the industry and search for new opportunities but will also now be able to upskill and provide exceptional sales and customer service.”

“We’re delighted to be working with such an innovative player in the hospitality sector and we’re looking forward to providing our interactive engaging short video training to help fuel the career growth and professional development of hospitality workers across the country.”

From a marketing perspective, the exclusive partnership with frntlne will feature in Clipboard Hospitality’s EDMs, blogs and social posts and vice versa. Using Clipboard, hospitality professionals are able to connect, stay up to date with the latest industry news, showcase their skills and discover exciting job opportunities and through frntlne, professionals can upskill on the products they serve, sell and interact with on the job.

Clipboard Hospitality founder & CEO Brendan Leeds, said, “We are very excited to be working with the frntlne team to be able to offer such innovative, interactive and digestible training on our brand new hospitality hub.”

“Our aim is to evolve the way the hospitality world connects and communicates while creating better opportunities.”

“Our unique approach to streamlined management, information-sharing and support looks after the diverse needs of the hospitality sector, and with the integration of frntlne’s invaluable training capability we are now able to take the hub one step further and evolve the skills of professionals in the industry.”

Since its launch in 2021, frntlne has seen early success securing a number of other high profile, national and multinational retail and consumer clients including Coles, L’Oreal, P&G, Swisse, Mumm Champagne and Bondi Sands, which have all looked to frntlne’s unique short training videos and interactive content.

The partnership with Clipboard Hospitality is an important step in frntlne’s continued expansion in Australia and across the globe and follows its new contract with Paramount Liquor, the country’s largest independent alcohol wholesaler as well as its first international partnership with Octopus Group earlier this year, one of SE Asia’s largest alcohol distributors.