Breezepay attends start-up accelerator in London and speaks at XRPL Apex 2024 conference in Amsterdam

Breezepay attends start-up accelerator in London and speaks at XRPL Apex 2024 conference in Amsterdam

Breezepay, a start-up in the stablecoin payments sector, have announced its recent participation in XRPL Apex 2024, the largest XRPL event globally each year. At this event, Breezepay’s Founder and CEO, Ryan Bogatez, had the opportunity to speak at one of the conferences, sharing insights on Breezepay’s role in the future of stablecoin transactions.

During the same week, Breezepay also took part in the XRPL Accelerator Program in London, where the company connected with leading Venture Capital firms, other founders, and attended events held by peak bodies such as the Digital Pound Foundation. This comes after Breezepay received a USD$130,000 grant from XRPL Grants, which will support the company’s growth and development.

Key Highlights:

  • XRPL Apex 2024: Attended the largest XRPL event globally, where CEO Ryan Bogatez spoke at one of the conference sessions.
  • XRPL Grant: Secured USD$130,000 from XRPL Grants to bolster development and expansion plans.
  • Venture Capital Connections: Engaged with leading Venture Capital firms to explore potential investment opportunities and strategic partnerships.
  • Industry Events: Attended events hosted by the Digital Pound Foundation, gaining insights into the future of digital currencies and building key industry relationships.

“We are thrilled to have participated in XRPL Apex 2024 and the XRPL Accelerator Program,” said Ryan Bogatez, CEO of Breezepay. “The grant from XRPL and our productive week in London have provided us with invaluable connections and insights, reinforcing our commitment to revolutionsing the financial system.”

Breezepay focuses on providing seamless, secure, and inclusive financial transactions through its cutting-edge stablecoin payment platform. The support from XRPL and the connections made in London will play a crucial role in accelerating Breezepay’s growth and innovation.