Australian fintech LoanQ a Finalist in the Australian Mortgage Awards

Australian fintech LoanQ a Finalist in the Australian Mortgage Awards

Innovative Australian fintech loan origination and lead generation solution for mortgage brokers, LoanQ, has been announced as an excellence awardee finalist in this year’s Australian Mortgage Awards.

In under two years, LoanQ has digitally transformed the mortgage and personal finance broking industries, re-shaping how brokers and dealerships generate new revenue streams.

Parent company, LoanQ Technologies, created an intelligent loan origination platform and lender gateway service by establishing two game-changing products:

  • LoanQ streamlines asset finance and personal lending that lets a broker process a loan from start to finish on any device, including mobile phones.
  • WebloanQ is a low-cost client-facing portal brokers embed on their websites that provides consumers with financial calculators, product comparisons and online application they can complete in their own time.

The cloud-based architecture of LoanQ has transformed a complex, fragmented and frustrating segment for mortgage brokers, finance brokers, and dealerships. Previously they had to  manually check multiple lender portals, manually analyse and compare rate cards and then embarked on the time-consuming completion of compliance documents.

LoanQ innovation means loans are now originated in under 20 minutes, including the lodgement to lenders.

“LoanQ is all about innovating new opportunities at the lowest cost point,” said Scott Juda (pictured), LoanQ’s  Head of Distribution. “Mortgage brokers can now diversify, and  better meet customer needs due to greater productivity and efficiency benefits of using LoanQ. This includes offering value-add personal lending and asset finance opportunities to customers.”

Over 4,000 mortgage brokers nationwide are now using LoanQ. LoanQ’s intuitive guided flows and application processes standardise how they write personal loans and asset finance – by asking deal-specific questions to narrow the lenders and products suitable for their clients. The result is better-quality applications, quicker turnaround and higher conversion rates. Lenders receive higher quality deals that fit their target market and settle more loans faster.

LoanQ identified manual processing of loans as the most significant issue affecting brokers and, unlike other Fintechs, does not compete with or disrupt brokers. It supports them. With data capture, loan comparisons, completion of one-click compliance documents, eSign and tender lodgement, LoanQ has resolved many of the inefficiencies in the industry.

LoanQ has recorded more than 180% customer growth in just twelve months.